TNCI’s Telastic Named 2015 Communications Solution Product of the Year

Telastic, TNCI’s hosted voice platform, has been selected by TMC as a 2015 Communications Solution Product of the Year.

Telastic is a hosted voice service for the cloud that provides an infrastructure solution that combines high-definition voice connectivity with a rich feature set. Customers can activate and manage virtual PBX instances on demand, where each instance represents a secure solution including fax, advanced call routing and conferencing services. Telastic also supports multi-tenant private label solutions for carriers, resellers and other organizations to operate their own branded hosted PBX solution.

“We are pleased that TMC recognized Telastic’s feature-rich and flexible capabilities,” said Matt Johnson, VP of cloud services at TNCI.

Telastic’s customizable packaging and flexible pricing structure allows a customer to control their own costs by configuring client seats separately from their concurrent call paths, enabling group sharing of concurrent sessions across multiple locations. TNCI can provide network access, or Telastic can be layered on as a service on top of a customer’s dedicated Internet access. The Telastic platform is also interoperable with over 85 IP phones and other devices.

“Congratulations to TNCI for being honored with a 2015 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “Telastic is truly an innovative product and is amongst the best solutions that facilitate voice and data communications brought to market in the past twelve months. I look forward to continued excellence from TNCI in 2015 and beyond.”