UPSTACK Acquires Signal Technology Group

UPSTACK, a growing advisory platform for digital infrastructure, has acquired RYSE Communications LLC (dba Signal Technology Group), an independent technology advisory firm based in Utica, N.Y. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

As part of UPSTACK’s investment, Signal Technology Group’s Founder and CEO Rob Wuest will join UPSTACK as Partner.

Founded in 2000, Signal Technology Group delivers cloud, internet, communications, network and security solutions to small and midmarket enterprises worldwide. The company acts as a client advocate, offering a comprehensive suite of technology services along with expense management, roadmap planning and ongoing stewardship.

“Rob Wuest built Signal Technology Group over more than 20 years by giving customers access to technology services on their terms,” said UPSTACK Founder and CEO Christopher Trapp. “Customer advocacy is a value that we share. I could not be more pleased to welcome Rob to the UPSTACK Team.”

Wuest launched Signal Technology Group after spending more than a decade working for big brands like AT&T, Verizon and Nortel Networks. When Nortel closed its doors in 2000, Wuest took his six-month severance check, Rolodex of customer relationships and became an agent selling competitive local phone services, which was a growing market at the time.

“I decided to give it six months. It’s been 23 years,” said Wuest, noting the stop-gap opportunity turned into a decades-long passion for helping businesses source and manage the technology services they need. “As the trusted advisor, we make recommendations that benefit our clients’ businesses, so they get the solutions they need at a fair price.”

Over the years, Signal Technology Group’s customer base grew along with its services portfolio, which includes a range of solutions, such as unified communications, contact center, cloud computing, telecom expense management, internet and security.

To continue and accelerate the company’s growth trajectory, Wuest began to look for investment. Most suitors offered to buy the business outright, but only UPSTACK wanted Wuest to continue working with Signal Technology Group’s longtime customers and to help grow the business.

“By partnering with UPSTACK, I can offload the day-to-day of running a business, so I can spend more time advising business customers,” said Wuest. “I also can offer customers access to top-notch support and specialists across a range of solutions, so they can leverage the latest technologies to be more competitive.”

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