UserTesting Introduces Certified Agency Partner Program

UserTesting, a leader in experience research and insights, launched its certified partner program for digital agencies. The program is designed to provide agencies with the training, resources, and technology to build and/or enhance their UX research and design offerings–providing a more scalable and efficient way to bring customer sentiment into the process for how they design, create, and deploy new products and experiences for their clients.

The UserTesting platform includes workspaces to make the management of tests, templates, videos, and insights across multiple client accounts simple and accessible.

Digital product and marketing leaders turn to digital agencies to support their digital business initiatives and to develop and execute effective marketing strategies.

With the growing demand for agencies to support companies’ digital business growth initiatives, agencies need to be able to move quickly, test and validate experiences frequently, and make customer-informed decisions and recommendations in a compressed time frame.

With UserTesting, agencies can reduce the amount of rework and revisions within a client project, and ensure they are meeting their operating margin goals.

UserTesting’s certified agency program provides a foundation for experience research maturity and scaling, including training, playbooks, and ongoing education and support – to ensure agencies are successful in systematically embedding human insights into their client engagement strategies – from concept to execution.

With more than a dozen certified agency partners, including Accenture, MRM, and Openbox, UserTesting has become the trusted partner for digital agencies looking to build and scale their experience research and design practice.

Said Rob Vandenberg, VP, Channels and Alliances at UserTesting, “By partnering with UserTesting, agencies can provide their clients with a deeper understanding of their users to more effectively validate concepts, test prototypes, and build products–leading to improved digital experiences, increased customer loyalty, and better business outcomes.”

To learn more about the Certified Agency Partner Program, visit the agency page here.