UTStarcom Completes Phase 1 of Disaggregating Network Solution

UTStarcom, a global telecommunications infrastructure provider, has achieved a milestone in its cooperation with the Research Institute by completing the first phase in the development and integration of the disaggregated network solution.

The goal of the project is to implement an open and disaggregated network platform based on a white box switch/router and open-source software and is intended primarily to be used as a carrier-grade networking platform for the access segment of 5G transport network, which operates as IP RAN transport based on segment routing technology.

Under the terms of the cooperation agreement, the network operating system (NOS) of the platform is based on an open-source network operating system, which is adopted and integrated by a mobile company for use in the intended application scenario.

The platform is designed to ensure openness and prevent vendor lock-in, supporting a variety of hardware implementations that can be based on certain Broadcom DNX series and Centec switching chips, Intel x86 and ARM CPU, non-redundant pizza-box as well as redundant chassis platforms.

The project’s Phase 1 development includes integration based on an open-source network operating system and implementation of basic NOS functionality including the development of certain software modules that were integrated with the NOS:

  • Integration and optimization of NOS for porting to specific hardware platforms with the support of Open Installation Environment (ONIE)
  • Hardware abstraction layer to adapt different hardware platforms and chipsets
  • Basic network functions including basic L2 and L3 features, L3 forwarding, ACL, QoS, SyncE
  • Basic Netconf/Yang module for negotiating with 3rd party controller