Veritas 360 Defense Delivers Cyber Resilience On-Premises, Across Clouds

Veritas Technologies announced Veritas 360 Defense, an extensible architecture in its space that brings together leading data protection, data governance and data security capabilities. Veritas 360 Defense delivers a set of cyber resilience capabilities integrated with security vendors.

Built on a foundation of Veritas native security capabilities across data security, data protection and data governance, the Veritas 360 Defense reference architecture adds REDLab Validation, new product capabilities and integrations with security partners:

  • Veritas REDLab – A program for Veritas offerings and integrated security partner solutions, REDLab tests and documents product integrations providing organizations with validated best practices and deployment blueprints to mitigate risk. By subjecting the integrated solutions to ransomware attacks in the Veritas REDLab test environment, customers can be assured the Veritas solution protects their data, detects threats and allows them to recover.
  • New Cyber Resiliency Features in the Veritas Portfolio – Veritas bolsters its cyber recovery capabilities by adding malware scanning for new workloads, including Kubernetes, anomaly detection of administrator actions and data entropy, simplified recovery malware scanning workflows and additional support for Azure Active Directory. In addition, multi-person authorization for critical operations has been added to harden backup and recovery infrastructure.
  • Expanded Ecosystem of Security Partner Capabilities Integrated With 360 Defense, Including:
    • Advanced threat protection during pre- and post-incident recovery with the discovery of compromised systems and critical vulnerabilities for restoration, leveraging attack-surface visibility and AI-powered vulnerability management capabilities of the CrowdStrike Falcon platform.
    • Advanced privileged access management with credential management to enable security teams to access, administer and configure the various solutions and workloads securely across the Veritas partner ecosystem for 360 Defense. The partner integrations leveraged CyberArk’s API-first approach, developer friendly tools and utilities to simplify securely adding new partners to the ecosystem.
    • Assessment, prioritization and remediation of ransomware-causing vulnerabilities and backup storage through Qualys, so recoveries are free of misconfigured or ransomware-causing vulnerabilities.
    • Automated, malware-free Active Directory forest recovery and forensics to cut AD downtime by 90 percent and eliminate backdoors, attack paths and other vulnerabilities attackers left behind in the environment – through Semperis.
    • Protection from threats to primary and secondary data sets through Symantec.

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