Voice4Net Debuts SMS Module for Contact Centers

Voice4Net has launched an SMS-based Mobile Customer Engagement Module, designed to create an omnichannel customer engagement experience for contact centers.

The module allows organizations to provide customer service via text messaging, which is growing to be the preferred means of communication for many consumers. It is part of Voice4Net’s RTC Framework client, and can be installed in cloud, premises-based or hybrid environments.

As demand for mobile-centric customer interaction solutions grows, businesses are learning the importance of being able to interact with customers on their devices of choice and through their means of choice, which for many means texting. Studies show that many users are leaning away from chat and email in favor of text (SMS). For example, an ICMI survey found that 79 percent of companies believe customers want SMS/text support.

The module allows contact centers to use two-way text messaging to interact with customers, as they would with voice calls. The text-based offering provides the skills-based routing, broadcasting, escalation and other ACD capabilities that we’ve come to expect from voice-centric systems. Capabilities include simple broadcast, simple inbound, sophisticated call routing, automated bots with IVR, group text messaging, reply tracking, click-to-text from a mobile phone, and SMS recording and reporting for compliance.


The Voice4Net Mobile Customer Engagement Module can be deployed with other Voice4Net offerings, such as CCHD, or run as a stand-alone solution. As it is WebRTC-based, it can be installed in legacy environments without needing extraneous integration, and uses a widget-based administration that requires little training for agents. It can be installed as an on-premises solution, accessed through the cloud, or as a hybrid solution.