VoIP Logic Adds gUnify Support for PaaS

VoIP Logic has added support for gUnify‘s communication integration application to its platform-as-a-service offering for service providers.

gUnify’s integration tools allow call logging, call reporting, click-to-dial, call presence and call noting, among others, and providers can also link Google Apps and Salesforce CRM integration with BroadWorks PBX software for the extension of unified communication deeper into the business workflow. 

In the deployment model, service providers that work with VoIP Logic will be able to order from the BroadSoft marketplace and provision licenses directly with gUnify, with first line support and assistance from VoIP Logic’s technical assistance personnel.

“Our goal is to facilitate access to leading technology for our service providers partners, which allows us to support their growth and expansion,” said Micah Singer, CEO of VoIP Logic. “This ecosystem partnership with gUnify supports this goal by keeping our engineers engaged in the support of the technology but allowing our partners to contract directly with gUnify for the most favorable commercial terms.”

He added, “Support for Google Apps and Salesforce CRM integration are of particular importance for hosted PBX providers – we are excited to be platform-ready for these unified communication services.”

For instance, IPitimi uses both VoIP Logic’s platform and gUnify’s connector technology; it has call center customers as well as traditional enterprise accounts who have unified their CRM systems with the IPitimi hosted PBX, and uses the set-up to features to its cloud portfolio as needed.

“VoIP Logic’s business model gives us the unobstructed freedom to select the technology and network components that are necesssary for success in our IP Telephony services which means we can move as quickly as our clients require,” said Greg Nielsen CEO of IPitimi. “gUnify makes amazing software that takes great Web-based technology – Google Apps and Salesforce CRM – which are in increasingly wide circulation and let’s us tie them into a state-of-the-art cloud communication services for businesses that count on these tools for their success.”

Added Crisantos Hajibrahim, CEO and Founder of gUnify, “Working with VoIP Logic allows us to put our technology in the hands of dozens of additional enterprise VoIP service providers immediately while expanding our support capabilities to include their first-line technical assistance organization while still maintaining the relationship directly with the Service Providers themselves. Our software is an elegant add-on to Google, Salesforce and VoIP Logic’s respective platforms.”

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