VOXOX Announces Partnership with YouMail

VOXOX, a 5G-enabled AI cloud communications company, today announced its partnership with YouMail which provides security-first, cloud-based communication services for mobile phones.

VOXOX, which processes billions of calls and texts monthly, will be using YouMail’s sophisticated Robocall Mitigation Service and patented technology to block robocalls and phishing messages, protecting users from spam, identity theft, stalkers and corporate fraud.

YouMail’s robocall mitigation services protect carriers from originating, carrying or terminating bad traffic on their networks and have helped shut down numerous illegal robocalling campaigns, which allows carriers to prevent bad calls from reaching peers or consumers and proactively shut down fraud.

VOXOX is empowering small businesses to stay connected with their customers and enhance communications by turning any phone or group of phones into a virtual cloud-based phone system with unlimited virtual receptionists, intelligent call routing, unlimited employee extensions, custom greetings, virtual phone numbers and a robust AI-supported SMS marketing platform with automation.