VTech Rebrands Business Solutions Under Snom

Earlier this month, VTech Communicationsofficially adopted the Snom brand for its SIP-based business solutions.

VTech, which is a $2 billion company, isn’t going anywhere. The VTech brand will remain the same for its residential consumer products.

For its business products, however, the company is going through a rebrand and adopting the Snom name for its phones, cordless offerings and conferencing endpoints.

We sat down with VTech Vice President of Sales Brian Tompkins at the recent Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas to learn more about the transition.

As Tompkins explained, VTech has earned the top market share for baby monitors, learning toys and cordless phones. However, the company needed to find a better way to penetrate the service provider and business deskset market.

“When we purchased Snom in 2016, it was our intent to move these products to the Snom brand,” says Tompkins. “It took a bit longer than we thought, but about three months ago, we decided to deliver Snom products. Now we have Snom desktops, key line systems, phones for hospitality, conference phones (corded and cordless) and mobility products.”

Tompkins elaborated on the company’s decision to embrace a traditional key system for its phones.

“The market’s really been in need of a phone system in a box,” says Tompkins. “With our KLE system, you get a base station that connects to desksets, cordless handsets and conference phones via DECT connectivity. It’s an easy setup. You plug in the base station, and everything else self-connects. It also has a 4 line emulation, which means it’s provides more of a traditional line activity management style.”

The company has also released a rugged and waterproof handset, ideal for environments like restaurants that require durable hardware.

“From what we are seeing in the market, most of our competitors don’t have this sort of product offering,” says Tompkins. “It’s pretty unique.”

Tompkins elaborated on how this offering impacts the channel.

“It’s huge,” he says. “Everyone has desksets, but the key line system is our differentiator. You don’t find it very often in this space.”

The company is offering incentives in the form of end user and testing rebates.