Vultr Expands Global Presence to 20 Data Center Locations

Vultr, an independent provider of cloud infrastructure, announced plans to expand its global presence, kicking off with the launch of a cloud data center location in São Paulo, Brazil. With the launch in Brazil, Vultr now has two and a half times as many global data center locations as DigitalOcean, further cementing its status as an independent cloud with a large global footprint.

Its first South American location, the opening of São Paulo is a response to demand from developers and businesses in the region and will see the company offer its Cloud Compute instances and High Frequency Compute instances within the continent for the first time. Now with 20 locations, including facilities in Mexico City and Stockholm, Vultr’s next locations will be Madrid, Spain; Melbourne, Australia; and Warsaw, Poland.

Founded in 2014 by David Aninowsky, Vultr has grown without raising equity financing. In early 2021, Vultr augmented its ability to accelerate global expansion with a $150 million credit facility with J.P. Morgan and Bank of America. Additionally, the company launched developer-centric products such as the Vultr Kubernetes Engine, and it signed more than 350 partners for its channel program during 2021.

Cloud computing has been a significant factor in business success over the past decade, and the COVID-19 pandemic-induced pivot to remote work has solidified its importance.

“Vultr’s value proposition of providing easy-to-use, high performance cloud infrastructure at a fair, predictable price resonates with businesses and developers who are tired of the complexity and cost of the Big Tech clouds,” said J.J. Kardwell, CEO of Constant, the company that created Vultr. “Vultr’s independence is a significant advantage, and we’ve been able to rapidly expand our cloud data center locations to increase accessibility for businesses and developers around the world. With three new locations planned for 2022 and more in the works, we are well-positioned to become the preeminent independent provider of cloud infrastructure for businesses and developers around the world.”

In today’s digital world, end-user experience is critically important. The closer users are to a data center location, the less latency they experience.

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