Webair Expands into Montreal with Cologix

Webair, a cloud services provider, has deployed infrastructure in Montreal to enhance its product and extend reach to new customers.

To do so, it has expanded its long-time relationship with Cologix to deploy its fully managed, highly available and secure Private VMware-based Cloud solution. Webair is leveraging Cologix’s network and cloud neutral MTL2 data centre as its core Canadian facility.

“We like two elements of what Cologix is doing: 1) focusing on ecosystems in ‘edge markets’ and 2) avoiding channel conflict by leaving the cloud and managed services space to best-in-breed competition,” noted Webair CTO Sagi Brody. “By deploying our enterprise-grade private cloud in the MTL2 facility, we provide customers colocated in the data centre with access to a fully managed and custom-built cloud platform that addresses their business-specific IT security, scalability and performance needs.”

Webair will also use Cologix’s Remote Hands services for technical support to diagnose, run cables, facilitate hardware shipping and receiving, and other key tasks without requiring the presence of staff on the ground.

“This is another example of Cologix’s Cloud Connect ecosystem growing and creating benefits for our customers,” said Cologix Canada general manager Scott Adams. “Montreal is becoming an emerging hub for cloud service providers based on its position as a gateway market to Europe and its attractive power rates. Webair has been at the forefront of this trend for nearly a decade. Cologix is pleased to extend our support for Webair’s growth and shine a light on its services to our other customers.”