Wildix Introduces “PayMyBill” Program for Partner Financial Incentives

Wildix, a UC&C provider and European UCaaS vendor, announced the “PayMyBill” program. This addition to the Wildix Management Portal (WMP) is designed to streamline billing and payment processes for partners while also extending financial incentives to them.

The PayMyBill program supports various payment methods, tailored to the needs of partners worldwide. European partners can use SEPA, and in the UK, Bacs Direct Debit is available. For U.S. partners, options include ACH direct debit, credit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Canadian partners can likewise use pre-authorized debits, credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay. A major feature, introduced in May 2023, allows partners to automate their invoice payments in order to facilitate timely and effortless transactions.

Another aspect of the PayMyBill initiative is its reward system for early payment. Partners who settle their invoices one month ahead receive a one percent rebate, while those who pay two weeks before the due date are rewarded with a 0.5 percent rebate. This tiered incentive structure, Wildix noted, encourages partners to be even more proactive with their payments. The program balances incentives with a penalty system for late payments, wherein daily fees are applied to overdue invoices.

To assist partners with navigation, Wildix updated the WMP with a comprehensive dashboard that includes intuitive overviews of billing status, payment activities and details of earned rewards or incurred penalties.

Since its launch, the PayMyBill program has returned a total of over $16,000 to partners through early payment incentives. Wildix invites its partners to leverage the PayMyBill program, which aims to streamline billing processes while offering financial rewards for proactive payment behaviors.

For further information on the PayMyBill program and other Wildix services, partners can visit the partner dashboard. To become a Wildix partner, click here.