Zayo Expands, Upgrades to Enhance Customer Experience

Zayo announced improvements to make its fiber network more powerful for customers. The growth marks the company’s largest organic network expansion  and encompasses best-in-class long-haul dark fiber, 400 Gbps (400G) upgrades and subsea routes globally. The investment totals nearly a quarter of a billion dollars that will yield new and upgraded routes during the next 18 months.

“Enterprises of all sizes are entering a transformational, yet highly complex time as they face a convergence of factors ranging from digital-first implementation and the future of work to rapid cloudification and edge computing. At Zayo, we recognize that each of these advancements is only as successful as the connectivity empowering it,” said Andrés Irlando, President, Zayo. “We are committed to continuous expansion and advancing our network and capabilities, and we remain focused on exceeding customer expectations now while positioning them for a future they are just now imagining.”

Massive Growth in Long-Haul Capacity

Zayo is investing in a range of long-haul dark fiber routes to meet customer needs. These builds are underground, giving customers the highest level of physical security and reliability. Zayo’s key new dark fiber routes include:

  • Cleveland-Columbus
  • Dallas- Atlanta
  • Denver- Salt Lake City
  • Las Vegas- Phoenix

Leading the Industry in 400G

Zayo is one of the first providers to deliver a 400G network across the United States and Europe. So far, nearly half of Zayo’s 75,000-mile backbone network is 400G enabled, and a majority is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2022.

This enhanced capacity will enable customers to scale as they embrace emerging technologies such as 5G, cloud adoption, IoT, AI, edge computing and automation. Recently, Zayo completed a subsea 400G trial with Equinix in the United Kingdome, helping the data center provider prepare for the need to move greater volumes of data faster than before. Zayo’s key 400G routes include:

  • Dallas- Atlanta (creating the company’s third major East-West route)
  • Chicago- New York
  • Denver- Chicago
  • Denver- Salt Lake City (which completed the shortest route from San Francisco to New York, via Chicago)
  • Los Angeles- Phoenix- Dallas
  • Salt Lake City- San Francisco Bay Area
  • San Francisco Bay Area- Los Angeles

Zayo isn’t stopping at 400G. Recently, the company set a record for the world’s longest known terrestrial 800G optical wavelength in a commercial network, totaling 1,044.51 km.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

In tandem with its growth in long-haul capacity and 400G, the company has made significant investments in a customer-centric model designed to make the process of working with Zayo easier. As part of its commitment to deliver a best-in-class customer experience, Zayo has hired more than 200 additional operations staff focused on three key areas: service delivery, service assurance and network performance.

Zayo has improved its systems to drive higher first-touch resolution and has enhanced its network management tools and processes to enable proactive event detection and prevention. Over the last year, Zayo’s on-time delivery performance has increased by 20 percent, and Zayo has reduced average install intervals by 10 percent.

Continued Subsea Investment

Zayo continues to invest in highly scalable transatlantic routes, giving customers a one-stop-shop for a subsea network that connects North America and Europe without a single point of failure. Zayo’s previously announced ZEUS cable, which is near completion, will be a deep and reliable connection between London and Amsterdam. Zayo’s subsea routes provide seamless access between the United States and Canada to Zayo’s dense European fiber network spanning eight countries with more than 17,000 route miles.

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