ZINFI Releases Best Practices Guide for Agency Partners

ZINFI Technologies Inc., a company that provides unified channel management (UCM) solutions, announced its latest guidebook — Agency Partner Best Practices Guide — is available as a complimentary downloadable eBook.

The guidebook is aimed at digital agencies looking for ways to expand their offerings and generate sources of revenue by providing channel management automation services to their clients.

The Agency Partner Best Practices Guide provides agencies with information they need to get started as they pursue the $4 billion opportunity provided by channel automation – the “third wave” of business process automation.

Chapters include “Supercharge Your Agency Business with Channel Management Automation,” “Join the Next Big Thing in Business: Expand Your Agency’s Services with Channel Management,” “Build Your Agency Business by Simplifying and Automating Channel Management,” “Boost Your Revenue as an Agency Partner with Expertise in Channel Management Automation,” “DNA of a Successful Channel Management Agency Partner,” “ZINFI’s Agency Partner Program: Frequently Asked Questions” and “How Can ZINFI Help You Start Your Channel Management Agency Business?”

The guidebook also provides a detailed definition of unified channel management and includes a comprehensive overview of channel management modules, including affiliate marketing management (AMM), partner relationship management (PRM), partner marketing management (PMM) and partner incentives management (PIM).

“The importance of diverse partner ecosystems to global brands and businesses cannot be overstated, and agency partners are now in a unique position to help their clients manage the complexity of these ecosystems with channel management automation,” said Sugata Sanyal, CEO and founder of ZINFI Technologies.

“ZINFI recognizes the magnitude of this opportunity and has created a complete guide for digital agencies that are interested in learning more about key topics, including the core functions of channel automation, the outlines of an engagement model for setting up a partner portal and the characteristics of successful agency partners,” Sanyal continued. “Collaboration is at the core of everything we do at ZINFI, and we are excited to work directly with forward-looking digital agencies to help them expand their service offerings and generate revenue over the long term. This guidebook will give them everything they need to start their journey.”

The Agency Partner Best Practices Guide can be downloaded here: https://www.zinfi.com/guidebooks/agency-partners-hs/

To access more information about ZINFI’s Partner Relationship Management platform or to download a copy of ZINFI’s best practices guide on Partner Relationship Management, visit www.zinfi.com.