Ziply Fiber Signs with Connected2Fiber For Data-Driven Sales Prospecting

Connected2Fiber announced that Ziply Fiber, a fiber connectivity provider serving Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington, has signed on to use its The Connected World platform. The solution will efficiently and effectively help Ziply prospect new customers by leveraging the platform’s location-based selling insights and automation.

Based in Kirkland, Washington, Ziply Fiber provides fiber-based internet services to more than 1 million homes and businesses. The company recently deployed more than 4.5 million feet of fiber and has committed $500 million towards upgrading and expanding its fast, secure, and reliable network. To help keep pace with this growth and streamline its processes, Ziply approached Connected2Fiber seeking ways to transform its network selling capabilities.

In its initial engagement with Connected2Fiber, Ziply Fiber leveraged The Connected World platform to generate an inventory of its total addressable market of serviceable locations – from an on-net and near-net perspective. The company provided Connected2Fiber with KMZ files, as well as existing building lists.

The Connected World then identified more than 100,000 near-net opportunities in addition to serviceable lit buildings.

Ziply Fiber tapped into the location-based insight within the platform to assess competitive density at each serviceable location. This competitive data was used to inform wholesale and direct selling pricing decisions and helped Ziply adjust pricing levels to improve win rates on deals and profit margins.