Zomentum Connect Supports Microsoft Commerce Experience

Zomentum, creators of an intelligent revenue platform built for the partner ecosystem, announces today that its Zomentum Connect license reconciliation and automated billing solution integrates with Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience (NCE).

“The deadline is approaching for Microsoft cloud solution providers to migrate to the New Commerce Experience. That means adapting to a different subscription model and new licensing cost calculations,” said Jef Bogaerts, Zomentum Product Manager. “Zomentum Connect can help partners make this switch smoothly by handling licensing cost calculation and billing reconciliation within the Autotask PSA.”

Microsoft launched NCE in January to create a consistent purchasing experience for partners and customers. Part of this transition includes changes to licensing through Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. As of March 10, new seat-based offer subscriptions can be purchased only through the NCE. Beginning in July, legacy subscriptions can be renewed only in NCE, and legacy CSP seat-based offer incentives end on December 31.

The Zomentum Connect integration for Microsoft NCE automatically manages the complexities of transitioning to Microsoft NCE license costs and calculations. Zomentum Connect also factors in NCE’s different subscription levels, including monthly, annual and tri-annual plans plus any combinations. Once partners update their clients to Microsoft NCE in their Zomentum Connect account, license calculations are updated and synced with their Autotask PSA for accurate billing.

“Zomentum Connect’s integration with Microsoft NCE enables partners to save time, capture revenue and deliver a great customer experience while transitioning to the New Commerce Experience,” Bogaerts said.

In addition to managing licenses, Zomentum Connect can help partners bill for Microsoft Azure compute resources.