ZTE White Paper Lays Out Foundation for 5G SA

ZTE Corporation, an international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile Internet, released a white paper on 5G SA (Stand Alone) commercial deployment, published by Mobile World Live.

The white paper demonstrates that SA is the target architecture of 5G and lays a solid foundation for fully realizing 5G application value. It also elaborates on 5G SA challenges and solutions, covering seamless coverage, multiple radio access technology (multi-RAT) co-existence, end-to-end network slicing and 5G business-oriented network and service applications.

In terms of seamless coverage, three factors like the serialized 5G new radio products for the flexible full-scenario coverage, uplink enhancement technology, high-frequency and low-frequency coordinate networking are the key to the cost-effective seamless coverage.

Meanwhile, convergent architecture core network, non-stand-alone/stand-alone dual-mode base transceiver station and super dynamic spectrum sharing can achieve the co-existence and smooth evolution of multi-RAT networks.

As the critical function of 5G, network slicing has been realized in end-to-end network and management system. Some cutting-edge technologies and products, such as end-to-end slicing, lite 5G core, integrated user plane function and mobile access edge have been introduced to industry private network deployments and service applications.

The white paper introduces some successful business-oriented 5G application cases, for example, Tianjin smart port’s 5G remote control of quay cranes, and ZTE Nanjing smart factory, in which ZTE’s 5G equipment is produced efficiently with the 5G network.

In addition, the white paper expects the 3GPP R16-based 5G network will be put into commercial use in 2022 to further explore the values of 5G applications.

This link allows to access the white paper: