7 Most Important VoIP Trends To Watch For in 2023


By Bicom Systems Team

In recent years, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology has revolutionized the telecommunications industry by providing businesses with cost-effective and feature-rich communication solutions. 

As we delve into 2023, several emerging trends are shaping the VoIP landscape. One notable player in this field is Bicom Systems, a leading provider of innovative VoIP solutions. This article will explore the key VoIP trends in 2023 and discuss the impact of Bicom Systems on this evolving industry.

1. More small businesses opt for VoIP

Ever since its introduction, VoIP technology has revolutionized the availability of business phone services, making them accessible to organizations of all sizes. Thanks to its cloud-based accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and exceptional audio clarity, this technology has become increasingly appealing to small businesses.

It is undeniably true that VoIP presents an outstanding choice for small organizations that regularly engage in international calls, while also facilitating seamless integration of vital data through CRM contact records. The utilization of VoIP technology is expected to grow significantly among small enterprises in 2023 and beyond.

2. The rise of mobile solutions

Whether businesses embrace the use of personal devices by their employees or provide them with dedicated work phones, enterprise mobility is poised for long-term success.

The current generation of smartphones and tablets possesses unprecedented power and influence, surpassing the capabilities of computers from a mere decade ago. These mobile devices are rapidly establishing themselves as superior alternatives to traditional computing devices.

Numerous experts anticipate that phones will soon become the focal point of a company’s application ecosystem, assuming a central role in daily operations.

While organizations typically prioritize desk phones during their transition to VoIP service, the integration of mobile devices will soon emerge as a pivotal VoIP trend.

Before we know it, VoIP applications will be regarded as essential tools for employees, rather than mere alternatives, cementing their position as indispensable components of the workplace.

Let’s face it, the global shift towards remote work has intensified the demand for mobile VoIP solutions. Employees require seamless connectivity and collaboration tools, regardless of their location. 

Bicom Systems offers mobile-friendly VoIP applications that enable users to make and receive calls, access voicemail, and participate in video conferences from their smartphones, ensuring uninterrupted communication for remote teams.

3. Increased adoption of cloud-based VoIP

Cloud-based VoIP systems have gained significant traction in 2023, and their popularity is expected to soar. Businesses are recognizing the scalability, flexibility, and cost savings associated with cloud-hosted solutions. 

Bicom Systems has been at the forefront of this trend, offering robust cloud-based VoIP platforms that empower organizations to streamline their communications, enhance productivity, and reduce infrastructure costs.

4. Exploring the benefits of 5G further

In today’s fast-paced business environment, effective communication is vital. That’s why the adoption of 5G networks has become one of the most prominent trends in the VoIP market.

5G networks, also known as fifth-generation wide-area wireless networks, have the potential to revolutionize internet connectivity. This advanced technology is designed to deliver faster communication speeds and response rates, eliminating issues like call jitter and packet loss during data transfer. As a result, users can enjoy enhanced mobile broadband connections, incredibly fast browsing speeds, and greater network capacities.

These remarkable advantages are expected to drive an increased adoption of VoIP among businesses. Furthermore, organizations that have already implemented VoIP solutions will likely expand their usage to leverage the benefits offered by 5G networks.

5. AI becomes more impactful

As we approach 2024, AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology is poised to become a significant trend in the realm of VoIP, further enhancing its capabilities. Service providers will harness the power of AI to automatically categorize and allocate incoming messages based on their urgency levels, ensuring they reach the most knowledgeable and experienced agents. 

With smarter AI-powered digital voice assistants, businesses will experience a paradigm shift in their communication with consumers. Real-time sentiment analysis will enable agents to gauge customer satisfaction, frustration, or confusion even before initiating contact.

The integration of VoIP and AI technologies empowers businesses to establish sophisticated call routing systems or leverage auto attendants for swift and efficient handling of incoming calls. Moreover, it enhances VoIP capabilities for intelligent or skills-based call routing, resulting in improved call management and accelerated communication processes.

Bicom Systems is diligently and cautiously pursuing the implementation of AI-powered solutions, taking meticulous steps to address potential security and privacy concerns along the way.

6. Enhancing customer experience with innovative features

In essence, VoIP has become synonymous with convenience and delivering an enhanced customer experience, thanks to the continuous influx of new features.

Today, a phone system encompasses more than just facilitating basic communication and bridging the digital divide. It has evolved to encompass the extraction of insights and data for further improvement.

A modern cloud telephony system goes the extra mile by assisting agents in efficiently scoring leads and tackling traditional challenges.

From a comprehensive standpoint, the VoIP phone system now offers a significantly improved customer experience, all while maintaining affordability. It is highly likely that we will witness the emergence of more innovative features in the coming years that are specifically geared towards CX metrics.

7. Improving security due to increased threats

With the increasing reliance on VoIP for critical business communications, security and compliance have become paramount concerns. In 2023, there is a growing emphasis on robust security measures and adherence to regulatory requirements.

Bicom Systems has addressed these concerns by implementing advanced security protocols and ensuring compliance with industry standards, offering businesses peace of mind when adopting their VoIP solutions.

As we look ahead, the global cost of cybercrime is projected to skyrocket to $23.84 trillion by 2027, underscoring the persistent challenge posed by cyber threats to businesses worldwide.

VoIP phone systems are not exempt from these risks. They too face vulnerabilities and are susceptible to cyber threats that constantly loom overhead.

Business owners are increasingly recognizing the critical importance of cybersecurity in this context. They comprehend that a data breach not only disrupts business operations but also exposes them to costly lawsuits. Moreover, such incidents inflict damage to a brand’s reputation, hindering its growth and long-term viability.

Moving forward, businesses must prioritize the security aspect when selecting a VoIP provider. It is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the security measures implemented by the vendor to combat cyber threats and prevent cyberattacks.

Only VoIP software that incorporates robust cybersecurity measures should be considered, ensuring the utmost protection for sensitive data and maintaining business continuity.

We are learning and growing

VoIP brings significant advantages to businesses, serving as a cost-effective alternative for small enterprises and enabling large corporations to streamline their communication processes and sales transactions. 

As a result, VoIP is poised to become the prevailing technology for business communications in the years to come. 

As we move through 2023, the VoIP industry is undergoing significant transformations, and Bicom Systems stands out as a leading provider of innovative solutions that shape the future of communication.

By leveraging cloud-based technology, embracing mobility, exploring the benefits of 5G, harnessing the power of AI, prioritizing customer experience, and strong emphasis security, Bicom Systems sets the stage for a future where businesses can maximize the potential of VoIP to drive efficient communication, boost productivity, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Get in touch with Bicom Systems and stay one step ahead of the market.

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