Acalvio Debuts Ransomware Deception Platform

Acalvio Technologies has launched ShadowPlex-R, a distributed-deception solution for early detection and mitigation of ransomware.

ShadowPlex-R, available via channel partners, is based on Acalvio’s patented Deception 2.0 technology. It presents attackers with a comprehensive palette of realistic and non-fingerprintable decoys, lures, baits and breadcrumbs that blend in with an organization’s production assets. These serve as sensors and any compromise to them results in high-fidelity detection.

“We are very excited about leveraging our channel partners network comprised of distributors, resellers, managed security service providers, systems integrators/solution providers and consulting firms as we leverage the global market opportunity that ShadowPlex-R presents to us,” said Nat Natraj, co-founder and president of Acalvio Technologies.

The platform dynamically and automatically deploys its deceptions from and to public clouds, private clouds and on-premises environments, with little IT overhead, the company noted, and integrates with Splunk Enterprise Security (Splunk ES) for broader threat intelligence using Splunk’s end-to-end context and automated response engine.

“Our solution represents a fundamental leap over prevailing signature-based and anomaly-based approaches,” said Ram Varadarajan, CEO, Acalvio. “ShadowPlex-R builds on our Deception 2.0 platform to detect ransomware in the most efficient fashion, and leverages Splunk to deliver comprehensive threat intelligence and timely remediation. Through a unique combination of distributed deception and Splunk, ShadowPlex-R provides a fundamentally new and effective way to detect and respond to ransomware.”

The market for ransomware protection is projected to grow to $17.36 billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 16.3 percent, according to a recent report by MarketsandMarkets.

“Ransomware is the latest scourge of the internet, extorting millions of dollars from people and organizations after infecting and encrypting their systems,” said Bryan Sartin, executive director of global security services at Verizon Enterprise Solutions. “We have seen ransomware jump from the 22nd most common variety of malware in the 2014 DBIR to the fifth most common in this year’s data. In the past year, we have seen more technical and process innovation in ransomware than we have seen since the invention of Bitcoin-enabled anonymous payments. Fueled by the success of early attacks, organized criminal groups will continue to utilize ransomware to extort money. A solution, such as ShadowPlex-R, is needed to address today’s growing ransomware problem.”

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