Acceldata Expands Data Observability Platform

Acceldata, a market leader in data observability, announces today significant enhancements to its data reliability solution, including no-code/low-code options, intelligent alerting, targeted recommendations and self-healing capabilities to solve complex data quality challenges while improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.

The supply chain for delivering reliable data is a top priority as modern organizations realize the business-critical value of data analytics. Data must have the highest degree of reliability to deliver optimal impact, yet data teams continue to face poor data freshness, completeness, and quality, limiting the ability for organizations to make informed data-driven decisions.

While legacy data quality tools are unable to address these issues at cloud scale, emerging data observability tools focus on simple metrics such as freshness and volume that do not address the needs of modern data teams. Acceldata’s scalable, fast data reliability engine automates and scales to handle complex data quality and operational intelligence use cases.

New capabilities include:

  • Native no-code, low-code options – low-code visual capabilities for data teams to build their own data reliability rules or get started quickly with pre-built templates. Users can also access customizable user-defined functions (UDF) to create specific rules.
  • Intelligent alerting – These alerts include comprehensive insight into standard and advanced configurations across an organization’s compute, pipeline, policy, and more. It prioritizes the most critical alerts across your data assets to quickly mitigate incidents and identify root cause analysis.
  • Targeted recommendations for specific occurrences, including long-running queries, dormant users, unused tables, and more to proactively resolve operational issues.
  • Self-healing – Automated remediation features, which eliminate operational costs, reduce engineering burden, and accelerate time to respond and resolve incidents

“Data operations and architecture teams require a new approach to support modern analytics that goes far beyond the current generation of data quality,” said Ashwin Rajeeva, co-founder and CTO of Acceldata. “Having reliable data is critical as it moves and transforms in real-time across the modern data stack. Acceldata is committed to continually enhancing our data observability platform to provide the most comprehensive reliability solution that addresses the most complex data quality challenges efficiently and at scale.”

The news comes on the heels of Acceldata’s $50 million Series C funding round, announced last month. The company also has appointed Mike McQuaid as chief revenue officer to drive go-to-market operations.

In addition, Acceldata has achieved the System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2 certification, a recognition that validates its commitment to delivering the highest standards for security, confidentiality, processing integrity, and privacy of information processed by its systems.

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