Alpheus Debuts Managed Dark Fiber

Alpheus Communications has launched its managed dark fiber service, which gives enterprise businesses access to virtually unlimited high-capacity bandwidth via a dark fiber solution designed, managed and monitored by Alpheus engineers. The new service will meet growing demand from high-data utilization businesses that need to connect their headquarters with other large operating locations, including their data center facilities.

With traditional dark fiber network implementations, significant upfront capital is spent to purchase long-term IRUs (indefeasible right of use), commonly lasting 20 to 30 years, and ongoing expenses are incurred for network maintenance and management. Alpheus’ offering gives businesses the option to leverage Alpheus’ fiber network expertise to implement a dark fiber network solution tailored to the individual business’ strategic growth goals.

“We are responding to large businesses that need high-capacity bandwidth beyond wavelength services, but don’t want the commitment of long-term dark fiber IRU contracts and tying up valuable IT resources for network maintenance,” said Francisco Maella, COO, Alpheus Communications. “There are significant complexities in building a fiber network, and large businesses are telling us they want reliable high-capacity bandwidth, but prefer to leverage Alpheus’ expertise to design, implement and manage their fiber infrastructure.”

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