ANPI Adds Residential VoIP to Private Label UCaaS

ANPI announced today that it will be launching a Wholesale Residential Service, homeXtend, as part of their Private Label UCaaS Package. The homeXtend service allows carriers to bring VoIP service to the homes of their customers while tapping into existing markets and adding new ones.

The solution is fully integrated and turnkey, says ANPI, so carriers can immediately add customers without spending time and money developing, deploying and maintaining their own product. ANPI currently has more than 100 carriers signed up to offer UCaaS business services to which the residential VoIP services can be quickly added.

“HomeXtend is just another demonstration of our ability to meet the current and emerging needs of our ILEC partners in this rapidly evolving technology and regulatory marketplace,” said Mike Cromwell, CSMO of ANPI. “It’s in line with our vision to provide a full set of shared, IP-enabled, customer-centric services that, eventually, will eliminate the need for local switching platforms.”

The new service will be available in two packages, both of which take full advantage of cloud-based technology and give local carriers the ability to sell outside their current territories. ”Residential Standard” comes with unlimited local, long distance and international calling to 22 countries as well as voicemail and advanced calling features. ”Residential Select” includes those same services and features, plus mobility.

HomeXtend also will be available for private label in Q2 2016.

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