ANPI Expands Direct Connections in Rural America

ANPI has accelerated the growth of its Voice Application Peering (VAP) initiative. It is now adding direct connections every other week, and plans to turn up an additional 20 to 25 endpoints by the end of the year.

The VAP initiative provides ILECs with the purest direct interconnection to destinations within the ANPI footprint and a network efficiency ratio above 98 percent. This effort to boost call quality and call completion will have a particular impact on calls to rural America, where the company has a 20-year history of partnering with rural carriers.

“At ANPI, our business has always been about partnering with carriers to create greater scale,” said Randy Lemmo, ANPI’s executive vice president of strategic business. “The VAP initiative is no different. By working together to form one large network, carriers can connect to ANPI’s switching network and reach 60+ rural operating calling numbers (OCNs).”

Many of these direct trunks are already established, and ANPI simply builds the two-way functionality at no additional expense.

ANPI VAP is also providing improved access billing, and ANPI said that VAP members have been reporting fewer trouble tickets (thanks to fewer moving parts) and a lack of headaches around revenue conciliation.

“The point of our VAP initiative is to simplify everything for our partners,” said Lemmo.