Apiiro’s Cloud App Security Platform Available in AWS Marketplace

Apiiro announced its security platform is available on the AWS Marketplace. Apiiro’s solution helps developers and security engineers fix critical risks across the software supply chain and before releasing their applications to the cloud.

As opposed to a single vulnerability or misconfiguration, there are several isolated and unrelated findings hiding across source code, configurations, open-source packages and cloud infrastructure that, when pulled together with relevant context, create a “Risk Story” that is exploitable by attackers. Apiiro’s Risk Graph technology connects these infinite factors with actionable context to offer a new way for developers and security teams to fix risks.

“As organizations make strategic investments in software development and cloud spend, they are aligning with the service providers that are most qualified to meet their business goals,” said John Leon, VP of Partnerships & Business Development at Apiiro. “With access to the Apiiro solution on AWS Marketplace, customers can achieve a faster, more streamlined adoption of our application security solution. We thank AWS for their support and look forward to delivering incredible value to our joint customers.”

Apiiro has introduced an approach to application security by providing complete visibility into code bases, assessing risks from design to code to cloud and proactively fixing actual risks that attackers can exploit before releasing to the cloud.

This enables Fortune 500 companies to reduce operational costs and risks at scale with seamless deployment by connecting to their source control managers via API.

With Apiiro’s solution now available in AWS Marketplace, customers can adopt Apiiro’s Cloud Application Security Platform through their AWS Marketplace accounts to enable them to secure everything they develop and deliver to the cloud by proactively fixing risks with actionable context.

“AWS customers will now have more choice when executing cloud-native strategies for their applications,” said Marta Whiteaker, Director, AWS Marketplace (EMEA & APJ). “AWS Partners like Apiiro offer customers a broad range of technologies to enable them to further increase the security of their software supply chain by contextualizing and prioritizing risks. This helps AWS customers reduce manual triage and accelerate the remediation of risks.”

For more information, visit apiiro.com