Pipefy, AWS to Offer Integrated, Complete Solutions

Pipefy, a low-code automation platform, announced its collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide customers with an AWS-compatible platform that’s agile, stable and secure.

“We are expanding our relationship with AWS to bring our value proposition to more and more customers in a clear, relevant, and objective way. This initiative allows us to increase the synergy between the universe of partners of the two companies and expand our business,” said Gustavo De Martini, vice president of partnerships and strategic alliances at Pipefy.

Through the initiative, Pipefy and AWS have a joint commercial solution for customers seeking a cloud service provider and for customers interested in automating their business processes to achieve process excellence. In other words, the collaboration generates opportunities for Pipefy to join forces with AWS to provide customers with a more robust technological solution.

“Just like us, Pipefy has the customer at the heart of its business. Therefore, it is extremely important for us to carry out collaborations like this so that we can improve the experience of each consumer by offering customized solutions to their business model,” said Cleber Morais, general director of the AWS Private Sector in Brazil.

As part of the AWS Partner Network, Pipefy participates in the APN Customer Engagements (ACE) program, which is dedicated to partnering in the sales area. An additional benefit for AWS Partners is access to Marketing Development Funds (MDF) that support marketing efforts linked to promoting joint Pipefy-AWS solutions. These resources aim to boost demand generation and structure a sales pipeline.