Armstrong Telephone Turns to Equinox

Armstrong Telephone Company has expanded its use of the Equinox Information Systems TeleLink mediation and usage analytics platform to include additional reporting and route guide functions. And, Armstrong has also invested in the Protector automated fraud management system (FMS) to monitor multiple switches.

Equinox and Armstrong first formed a relationship in 2010, when Armstrong licensed the TeleLink platform for its least-cost routing tools and invoice validation capabilities. Based on its experience with the support and development team at Equinox over the previous years, Armstrong turned to Equinox for help with their latest business assurance needs.

Tom Wilson, director, Telecom Traffic Management, Armstrong said, “We’ve had a great experience with Equinox since first selecting them for the least-cost routing project. The TeleLink tools currently in place have benefited us through lowered operating costs and optimized revenue. We expect to achieve further gains with these TeleLink additions and are excited to deploy Protector on our network.”

Protector provides real-time fraud protection by instantly notifying analysts when suspicious activity occurs, with higher risk incidents triggering more frequent, escalated alerts, including the ability to automatically shut down activity when warranted. Protector’s reputation is well earned, having saved carriers hundreds of millions of dollars in fraud losses last year alone. TeleLink solves business assurance challenges by making usage data actionable. Its advanced usage detail analytics, call reconciliation, invoice reconstruction, routing assurance, and margin analysis tools provide essential revenue management, expense management, and network management benefits. In addition to the TeleLink functions already in place, the extended licensing adds automatic upload of the route guide to the switch, generating new operational measurement reports, and transforming records for billing system delivery.

“Although TeleLink contained LCR reports when Armstrong initially approached us in 2010, Equinox significantly enhanced the application to meet their specific project requirements,” explained David West, EVP for Equinox. “We value the trust we earned with Armstrong during the first TeleLink initiative and take great pride that they’ve turned to us for additional solutions.”

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