Brings Autopilot to Snowflake with Data Automation Cloud, a data automation cloud, announced customers of Snowflake, a data cloud company, can put workloads on autopilot with a single platform. Ascend’s Data Automation Cloud unifies the core capabilities data engineers need — data ingestion, transformation, delivery, orchestration, and observability — into a seamless experience.

Backed by Ascend’s trademarked DataAware intelligence, Ascend’s Data Automation Cloud analyzes and monitors end-to-end workflows, tracking and optimizing the movement of up to trillions of records and responds to changes in data, schema and code within seconds, giving Snowflake customers an advanced autopilot system for the data and analytics workloads that power its business.

A recent survey found that 96 percent of data teams are at or over capacity, developer productivity is becoming the number one priority for data teams. A first for the Snowflake ecosystem, Ascend brings all aspects of data workloads, and in doing so, eliminates the need for complex custom code and stand-alone tools, freeing users to focus on building business and analytics workflows ten times faster. Ascend unifies the creation and automation of data workflows with:

  • Ascend Ingest – Integrate with and ingest data from any service, anywhere including data lakes, warehouses, databases, queues/stream processing services, APIs, and other applications
  • Ascend Transform – Build and run data transformations in SQL, Python, Java and, Scala with Ascend’s multi-language flex-code interface
  • Ascend Deliver – Seamlessly deliver processed data to business intelligence, analytics, machine learning and AI tools
  • Ascend Orchestrate – Design data workflows as modular pipelines, configure fine-grained data access controls, connect workflows with guaranteed dependency management and set them to run continuously
  • Ascend Observe – View data lineage, data profiles, job and user logs, system health and other critical workload metrics at a glance

“Snowflake is focused on enabling our customers to get increased value from their rapidly growing data sets, and partnering with companies like Ascend is a crucial component to doing just that,” said Tarik Dwiek, head of technology alliances at Snowflake. “By leveraging Snowflake’s scale in combination with Ascend’s unified data and analytics engineering capabilities, data teams can accelerate productivity and time to value for data workloads and more simply achieve true data engineering success.”

The Ascend Unified Data Engineering Platform on Snowflake is generally available now. Schedule a demo with one of’s data engineers.