Avast Business Announces Partnership with BCN Telecom

Avast has partnered with BCN Telecom to protect its customers with Avast’s secure internet gateway (SIG) full-protocol managed firewall services.

With this announcement, BCN continues its expansion into cloud services and further differentiates itself by offering a cloud-based, next-generation security service that is easy and convenient to deploy. The Avast SIG service automatically scales to all size businesses and to all bandwidth options. Unlike traditional on-premise security hardware that needs installation, constant maintenance and sizing upgrades, the SIG service can be activated remotely and be up and running within minutes. Both non-encrypted and full SSL packet inspection happen in the cloud and at great speed, so employees can now work at full speed and efficiency at any location.

With SIG, BCN is able to offer a pure, cloud-based security solution that includes next generation network security, comprehensive protection across multiple locations, users and devices, and simple deployment and management.