Cowbell Cyber Unveils Platform Enhancements

Cowbell Cyber has announced enhancements to its cyber insurance platform which allows for larger risk underwriting to be done with more ease, better accuracy, and increased speed.

Cowbell processes billions of data elements daily, using over 400 data points on each organization. With more than 3 million organizations pre-loaded in its platform, accurate risk selection and pricing can take place in near real-time.

The platform now includes Cowbell Insights, offering recommendations to guide policyholders on how to improve their risk ratings and improve security. Cowbell also offers inside-out data for refined risk assessments, with one-click integration of data from cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, as well as vulnerability management systems, and MSSPs. Additional enhancement include s risk selection and pricing anchored by Cowbell Factors, support for all distribution channels, and customer experience improvements.

Cowbell will unveil the full breadth of its new Cowbell Prime 250 cyber insurance program during InsureTech Connect (ITC) on September 21, where Cowbell Cyber is the leading sponsor of the ITC Cyber track.