Bicom Systems Rolls out new SMS Feature

Bicom Systems is rolling out new features in the latest version of PBXware and gloCOM 6.3. In this update, resellers will now be able to offer SMS functionality to their customers.

The Reseller and PBXware administrator must enable the SMS feature, and they will add the phone numbers into the system, then assign them to a specific extension. Users can access the SMS module on both gloCOM, and gloCOM GO. All platforms will support this new feature, including iOS and Android.

SMS messages are kept separate from chat and are under the SMS icon. Although similar to the chat function, users can search keywords and messages using the search bar. Users can also start a call from an SMS thread by clicking on the phone icon. The maximum number of messages you can send at a time using SMS is four.

gloCOM 6.3 now provides the tools for users to chat, call, meet virtually, and send text messages.

To learn more about gloCOM 6.3, download the official release notes here.  If you are an existing Bicom Systems partner, get in touch with your Account Manager or go to our website’s downloads page to access more information on the latest version of gloCOM.

Connect with Bicom’s sales team:

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