Blue Pillar Launches Building Blocks Partnership Program

Blue Pillar has announced the launch of its Building Blocks Partnership Program (“BBPP”) with over 30 new members.

The breadth and size of the partnership program makes it one of the largest IoT partnership programs in the market, according to the company.

Blue Pillar’s partners offer market leading IoT technology, system enablement, deployment, consulting, and value-added applications and services, which complement Blue Pillar’s ability to build and operate best-in-class, facility-based IoT networks via their Aurora connectivity and control platform.

The combined, fully integrated end-to-end solutions created by these partnerships will provide commercial and industrial facility operators with lower cost IoT networking options and greater flexibility in how their facility information can be leveraged.

The BBPP is structured into two partnership categories: System Enablement and Solution Enablement.

System Enablement partners are comprised of technology, installation, and communication services providers who are focused on the cost-effective building of facility-based IoT networks.

Solution Enablement partners are made up of value-added services and application providers who leverage these networks to create tangible benefits for commercial and industrial customers..

These value-added solution providers cover the spectrum of energy management, demand response, distributed energy resource management (DER), microgrids, energy efficiency, and centralized facility management.

BBPP System Enablement partners include:

Technology: Aquana, CE+T Energy Solutions, CircuitMeter, Covalen, Horner Automation Group, LeClanché, Monnit, Multi-Tech Systems, Inc., and Power Standards Lab

Deployment: Dailey Electric, M2 Electric, Mad Dash Field Services, The Vanjen Group and Wayne Electric

BBPP Solution Enablement partners include:

Energy Service Providers: Customized Energy Solutions, Drift Marketplace, GreenSync, Nexant, Rodan Energy Solutions, Sparkfund, Voltus

Strategic Energy Consultants: Chateau Energy Solutions, GlideNet, Rexel, The Plan Consulting Group (TPCG)

Application Solution Providers: AutoGrid, Building Clarity, Canary Labs, Collaborative Work Environment (CWE), eSight Energy, Logical Buildings , Lucid, MACH Energy

Membership in the partnership program has several benefits. System Enablement partners are given priority by Blue Pillar to be used in the implementation of IoT networks. Solution Enablement Partners will be introduced to Blue Pillar’s C&I customer base as “pre-integrated” solutions, which can be easily deployed to solve their energy or operational challenges.

In addition, Solution Enablement partners have the ability to earn incentives through a built-in referral program if they utilize Blue Pillar as their facility-based network provider in their new customer opportunities.