GPS Insight Launches Partner Ecosystem

GPS Insight made a big announcement last week, launching an innovative partner ecosystem.

The announcement came during the Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas—the first appearance for GPS Insight at the show.

What differentiates GPS Insight’s program, the company says, are the unique partnership and integration opportunities that it provides for businesses.

The program offers many opportunities for reselling, referrals, white labeling, and software integrations.

The company’s decision to launch a partner ecosystem, rather than a traditional channel program, is also noteworthy. This is a pattern we have been seeing more of lately across the industry.

“In addition to the emerging marketplaces, vendors will evolve their programs past pyramid tiers and start looking at partners based on their skills around buyer types, sub-industries, geographies, sectors, segments, customer size, and the technology stack,” said Jay McBain, principal analyst of channels, partnerships, and alliances at Forrester. “Ecosystems will encourage partnering with other partners, as well as hyper-specialization among the millions of customer opportunities.”

We spoke with events coordinator Mackenzie Bader at Channel Partners, who shed some light about the company and its decision to launch a partner ecosystem.

“GPS Insight provides innovative fleet software with actionable intelligence for organizations of all sizes,” said Bader. “Our solutions ensure you will receive the information you need when you want it, and the way you want it—everything from fleet management to asset tracking. And we’re coming out with many more solutions, too, including cameras.”

As Bader explained, road safety is a big issue right now as drivers are more distracted than ever. At the same time, businesses with fleets are also looking to streamline operations.

GPS Insight solves both problems for businesses. And now, with a robust partner ecosystem, the company has an opportunity to be a major player in the channel.

“This is still new,” Bader said. “A lot of partners have never been exposed to something like this, or had the opportunity to offer something like this to their customers.”

According to Bader, GPS Insight helps partners go beyond selling standard telephony and security solutions.

“This is about the fleet— which is something most businesses today have, and want to improve.”