Broadvoice Adds Native Apple Integration for Mobile Client

Broadvoice has updated its mobile application for Apple iOS, so that Broadvoice calls look and feel just like native cellular calls.

Broadvoice mobile apps for UC and cloud PBX, available via channel partners, give users access to their office communications suite while on the go. The updated version of the iOS mobile app for Broadvoice now supports Apple’s CallKit on iOS 10, which increases usability and convenience for mobile users.

For instance, if someone calls using the Broadvoice UC app when a user’s iPhone is locked, they’ll see his or her picture pop up on the lockscreen. Cloud PBX voicemails also are now transcribed, which means users can read the message instead of having to listen to it. Users can also make Broadvoice calls directly from the native iPhone app’s contacts, favorites and recents.

As a bonus, the integration also allows Broadvoice calls to interact with Bluetooth accessories as well as the Apple CarPlay software feature, for hands-free phone conversations while driving.

“We’re excited for how this integration adds to the amazing experience we provide for customers using our app on Apple devices,” said George Mitsopoulos, Broadvoice COO. “Broadvoice calls now behave seamlessly within the iOS native UI, so that the experience feels just like making or receiving a traditional phone call. It’s one more example of the technology investments we continually make in order to support efficient communications for businesses.”

Broadvoice offers a flexible, smart portfolio of IP-based voice and data offerings, backed by its enterprise-class, geo-redundant IP telephony platform. This includes a full UC suite and cloud PBX services, including unlimited voice calling plans for businesses, throughout the continental United States and Canada.

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