Broadvoice Announces Launch of B-hive for Salesforce on Salesforce

Broadvoice has launched Broadvoice B-hive for Salesforce on the Salesforce AppExchange, providing new ways to deliver a more personalized experience to customers by connecting B-hive’s cloud communications, collaboration and call center tools with Salesforce customer databases and workflows.

Broadvoice B-hive for Salesforce empowers SMBs to more effectively manage and communicate with their customers on the Salesforce platform.

Available with Broadvoice B-hive Pro Seats, the app supports a range of Salesforce subscriptions, including professional, enterprise, unlimited and performance plans.

Key  benefits include streamlining the customer experience with inbound record matching, triggering screen pops with key customer information; monitoring customer interactions with automated call recordings; expediting data entry with record creation on demand; connecting with customers more quickly and dependably with click to call; and improving efficiency with automated call logging.