Broadvoice Launches New Cybersecurity Services, vMPLS

Broadvoice has expanded its service portfolio to meet the cyber security and manageability needs of its rapidly growing customer base. To keep customer networks and data safe from cybercrime, the company is introducing Managed Firewall and Cyber Security services.

In addition, Broadvoice is debuting a virtual MPLS service for businesses with multiple locations.

High-profile data breaches, increases in ransomware attacks and a national focus on hacking has put the need for better cyber security into the spotlight. But for many businesses, the lack of in-house expertise and the high overhead involved in managing up-to-the-second security monitoring is hampering their defense efforts. The new Broadvoice Managed Firewall service allows customer firewalls to be remotely managed by engineering experts for one low monthly fee.

While managed firewalls help combat cyber attacks, an added layer of security can be necessary to prevent data breaches that cripple companies. The Broadvoice Cyber Security package uses advanced detection algorithms to counter attacks and prevent network intrusions, which lets organizations affordably address perimeter security without the need to deepen their internal resource investment.

“Our customers can now create a robust security profile without having to hire dedicated IT staff to manage it,” said Jim Murphy, CEO of Broadvoice. “Our advanced technology and in-house engineering experts are your armor against attacks on your network. If we see a new threat against one of our customers, all our customers become immediately protected against that attack in real time. We essentially become your security NOC for a very low monthly fee.”

In addition to security services, the new virtual MPLS service improves cost efficiency, redundancy and scalability for today’s businesses.

Multi-location businesses need to share files and network resources over encrypted connections as the number of sites expand over time. Virtual MPLS allows businesses to connect all of their locations securely, regardless of the type and speed of each internet connection, and without the complex deployment limitations of a traditional MPLS approach.

“This is so easy to deploy, and offers a flat rate per site along with the ability to have redundancy with multiple internet connections across different carriers,” said Ryan Delgrosso, Broadvoice CTO. “The new vMPLS service fits our company goal of helping our customers leverage next-gen technology to support their ever-increasing need for efficiency.”

Broadvoice offers a flexible, smart portfolio of IP-based voice and data offerings, backed by its enterprise-class, geo-redundant IP telephony platform. This includes a full UC suite and cloud PBX services, including unlimited voice calling plans for businesses, throughout the continental United States and Canada.

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