Calix Wins 2021 GVTC IMPACT Award

GVTC announced Calix, a cloud and software platform provider, has won the 2021 GVTC IMPACT Award. The award is given to the vendor/partner that best complements GVTC’s values and strategic initiatives by building a strong relationship with GVTC through cost reductions, product innovation, quality improvement, service, teamwork, integrity, community involvement, or fiercely loyal customer principles.

“Since the beginning of our partnership, Calix has proven to be more than a vendor; they are the perfect example of a partner that helps us deliver the customer experience that our members have come to expect from GVTC,” said Ritchie Sorrells, president and CEO for GVTC.

Calix has partnered with GVTC on numerous projects that have helped GVTC improve customers’ in-home experience and grow its customer base. Calix has assisted in introducing product innovations along with turn-key marketing support to promote GVTC’s products.

Calix has supported the deployment of GVTC Premium WiFi systems in record time and has given GVTC more insight into its customer data, which has provided additional opportunities to improve the customer experience.

Calix’s personalized support offers opportunities to collaborate on marketing strategies that speak directly to GVTC customers’ needs. This is achieved through one-on-one meetings with a dedicated team and through Calix’s Electronic Content Builder, which provides ready-made materials available for brand customization, including print and digital solutions and tutorial videos that support GVTC’S strategy for continued customer education.

Calix Marketing Cloud provides GVTC with a next-level view of its customers with insights that will enable GVTC to proactively reduce churn and offer products and services that will enhance their experience. Calix also delivers a robust set of value-added services, including ProtectIQ, ExperienceIQ, and WiFi app solution, allowing GVTC to provide a premium WiFi product that rivals competition and exceeds customer expectations.