Case Study: How One Auto Dealer Drove Productivity with UC

By Michelle Accardi, Star2Star Communications

Bob King Automall is a household name in the Wilmington, N.C. region. The auto dealership operates four separate locations and specializes in variety. Mercedes-Benz, GMC, Volkswagen, Buick, commercial trucks, pre-owned vehicles are all part of Bob King Automall’s inventory.

Like most dealerships, Bob King Automall has a main office on each lot along with a service department, and runs its business every day, meaning that salespeople and repair persons are often “on-call.” The customer service operation relies on queuing and scheduling appointments and must also juggle walk-ins, or “drive-ins” as the case may be. Because it needs to send out loan documents and insurance papers, reliable faxing is a must for regulatory compliance.

Until recently, Bob King was struggling along with an analog telephone system that provided very limited, basic functionality. Workers relied on multiple calls and ad-hoc communications to make sure everyone was where they were supposed to be, and there was no appropriate way to track things other than by spreadsheets and manual processes. It was complex, messy, and inefficient.

Even worse, the system was also starting to break down, making maintenance a big headache for the company.

“One night we stayed out here until four in the morning fixing the problem,” said Larry Cox, Bob King’s sales and service manager and IT manager. “We had no choice. Our phones are our lifeblood.”

Teleco of Wilmington, Bob King’s trusted communications vendor for 10 years, recommended making the switch to Star2Star’s Scalable Cloud Communications platform, which supports a unified approach to calling, faxing, mobile support, advanced collaboration features, and more.

For instance, the advanced presence management capabilities of the Star2Star system have revolutionized how the company handles calls.

“StarScope 2 is critical. All the receptionists and cashiers, service and sales coordinators, anyone who answers the phones depends on it,” explained Cox. “We use Call Park specifically a lot. We can keep track of everyone on the system, which was impossible to do before. It’s really become a necessity, and it works really well. If we didn’t have that anymore, the staff would go nuts.”

That was just the tip of the iceberg for how Star2Star helped Bob King. For more information on the case study, click here.