City of Tybee Turns to ADTRAN, Speros for Network as a Service

The City of Tybee Island, Ga. is utilizing ADTRAN’s ProCloud Subscription Services, which bundle enterprise network infrastructure and cloud-managed services into an as-a-service model.

As a barrier island off the coast of Savannah, the city has become a tourist destination with upwards of 50,000 visitors descending upon the community every weekend. Working with ADTRAN’s managed service provider partner Speros, the City of Tybee Island rents its network as a service, offloading switch management and day-to-day network maintenance activities while enabling the city’s IT department to affordably keep up with data-rich demands on the network.

“Our island has quickly grown into a very popular tourist destination, and we need the network backbone necessary to support thousands of users on a daily basis,” said Todd Smith, information technology director for the City of Tybee Island. “As a small IT department, we required a complete infrastructure and managed service that could help offload the management of our switches, while also providing a cost-effective solution to meet the needs for everyone on the island. An ADTRAN network as a service offers us a really powerful infrastructure and arms us with the capacity we’ll need to grow for the future, all without the headache of traditional capital expenditures. And by working with Speros, we can operate like a large IT department without having to add any more staff, while remaining confident in our ability to keep up with the network demands of tourists, city officials and vital public safety services.”

Whether it is high network traffic demand during the peak tourism season or a natural disaster, the City of Tybee Island needed a service that could be accessed anywhere in the case of an emergency. ADTRAN’s ProCloud Subscription Services provides the platform for Speros to manage and maintain all of the city’s installed switches, creating a holistic view of the network and alleviating pressure on the city’s IT department. Additionally, the city’s network will be able to support more mobile devices from tourists and the vital applications for local police and EMS units that are critical to the city government’s infrastructure, including IP cameras, traffic monitoring systems and license plate readers.

“ADTRAN is committed to supporting the day-to-day requirements for a robust network, as well as providing vital room for growth. ProCloud Subscription Services, delivered through MSP partners such as Speros, gives customers the ability to scale their network for any scenario, while providing enterprises a cost-effective monthly rental model to fit their budgets,” said Meggin Sawyer, VP, business solutions and cloud services, ADTRAN. “No matter the demand on the network, the City of Tybee Island is able to guarantee connectivity throughout the island for all users, and ADTRAN and our partner Speros will continue to ensure the city has the proper support for any occasion.”

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