ADTRAN Launches MSP Subscription Services

ADTRAN has announced ProCloud Subscription Services— a managed services program where businesses can take access wired and wireless networking technologies for a monthly payment.

ProCloud Subscription Services provide managed service providers (MSPs) with a model for turning up new cloud-managed services for their customers. For the end customer, the offloading of the management of their network to a trusted provider means that they can support more mobile devices, more quickly access cloud applications, and support high-bandwidth video content and quality voice services, without capital expense overhead.

“ADTRAN’s subscription services offer a real game-changer for MSPs, and we’re thrilled to be the first to provide this innovative solution to meet our customers’ demands for predictability and flexibility, essentially delivering them a high-performance network-as-a-service just like any other monthly expense they may have,” said Keith Fletcher, COO at MSP Speros. “The addition of this offering is permitting us to deliver the highest-quality infrastructure to our customers at a low monthly cost. We promote our business as ‘technology you can trust,’ and our long-standing partnership with ADTRAN plays a big part in our ability to provide that high level of reliability needed to meet modern business networking needs. This revolutionary program is virtually eliminating our customer’s high capital expense previously associated with upgrading and maintaining their network.”

ADTRAN’s subscription services feature the ProCloud management portal, which offers a single view into all connected devices across wired and wireless networks for each customer. The services also report trends on network health and data usage. MSPs can leverage that insight to tailor services and capacity planning, and upsell new solutions and/or services.

“Throughout ADTRAN’s 30-year history, we have delivered enterprise class solutions to millions of businesses of all sizes, and across all verticals,” said Meggin Sawyer, VP, business solutions and cloud services, ADTRAN. “This success has come through tight partnerships with the world’s top carriers and thousands of VARs and MSPs, and has placed us at the center of today’s networking revolution where the industry is making a monumental shift towards cloud services and applications. ADTRAN will continue to build off of our successful leadership with a monthly subscription model for switches and Wi-Fi. We are also excited to have Speros, a long time ADTRAN partner, helping to lead the way in bringing this unique solution to market.”