Comcast Business Bolsters Limitless Chiropractic and Lifestyle Center

Comcast Business announced it provides Limitless Chiropractic and Lifestyle Center with technology solutions – including Comcast Business Mobile lines and Comcast Business Internet – that help the business offer quality care for its patients and keep office operations nimble.

Dr. Mike Longo at Limitless Chiropractic believes that when the body is balanced and the nervous system is free from interference and supported through chiropractic care, the possibilities in life are truly limitless.

The Sumner, Wash.-based small business works to improve the health and well-being of its community, as well as provides education on the role that chiropractic care can play in patients’ lives.

Owned and operated by Longo and his wife, Michelle, who manages the daily office operations, like scheduling appointments and contacting patients.

Since establishing Limitless Chiropractic, the two have worked diligently to build a reputation and customer base within the Sumner community and distinguish their business from other service providers in a competitive market.

The two are in a growth mindset, seeking more patients to help, more professional connections within their community and more opportunities to educate people on how they can take control of their health.

With a big mission, but without any other supporting staff, the Longos knew they needed technology solutions capable of supporting his work with patients and the day-to-day office administration activities. They chose Comcast Business to meet their needs.

“We’re a small business, but thanks to Comcast Business we’re in a position to make a huge impact on the health and wellness of our community,” Mike Longo said. “Comcast Business’ technology solutions not only help us with efficiency and flexibility for our business operations but more importantly provide reliable service so we can provide high-quality patient care.”

Comcast Business Internet provides connectivity within Limitless Chiropractic’s office space, powering essential business activities like online patient management software and digital x-ray equipment, as well as atmosphere-creating comforts like background music and streamed TV content.

Meanwhile, Comcast Business Mobile lines help to streamline communication operations for Michelle Longo, who can manage messages and phone conversations, whether she’s in or out of the Limitless Chiropractic’s office space, allowing her more flexibility.

“Whether it’s in a clinic setting, or at a front desk, harnessing the power of technology is crucial in empowering health care providers to thrive and make a lasting positive impact on the health and wellness of our communities,” said Rob Brenner, vice president of Comcast Business for Comcast’s Pacific Northwest Region. “We are proud to be the solutions provider for Limitless Chiropractic and Lifestyle Center as they continue to play a vital role in the well-being of the Sumner community.”

For more information, call 800-501-6000.

Photo by Comcast Business of Mike and Michelle Longo