CompTIA Names Top 10 Apps for AI, IoT

CompTIA, the nonprofit association for the global technology industry and workforce, announced the publication of its 2021 Emerging Technology Top 10 List, which focusses on the top business applications related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

CompTIA’s Emerging Technology Community, recognizing a gap between the promise and profit of emerging technologies, shifted the focus of the annual list of emerging technologies to uncover the top use cases for AI and IoT rather than a single ranked list of technologies.

The Emerging Technology Community utilized CompTIA data from a recent quantitative study that consisted of an online survey fielded to professionals during February 2021. A total of 400 businesses based in the United States participated in the survey and identified the most common use cases for IoT and AI. The Emerging Technology Community then narrowed that list to five use cases for each technology based on member input and experience.

Top Artificial Intelligence Use Cases

  • Predictive Sales/Lead Scoring
  • CRM/Service Delivery Optimization
  • Chatbots/Digital Assistants
  • Cybersecurity Threat Detection
  • Marketing Automation

Top Internet of Things Use Cases

  • Asset Tracking
  • Industrial Monitoring
  • Smart Badges
  • Fleet Management
  • Smart Buildings

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The CompTIA Emerging Technology Community includes industry executives and thought leaders who have a keen sense of new technologies and insight into how to create business opportunities and transform business operations.

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