Consolidated Communications Launches Enterprise@Home

Consolidated Communications has announced the launch of its Enterprise@Home communications solution that helps business teams connect, communicate and collaborate from home, while easing the administrative and technical burden for employers with a remote workforce.

Whether it’s a business-class internet connection or a full-featured unified communications platform, Consolidated’s Enterprise@Home solution efficiently connects remote employees, removes obstacles to productivity and provides priority service and support for residential locations. Business customers can extend their LAN to their worker’s remote sites while still controlling the network using SD-WAN and cloud secure solutions.

Consolidated also offers business customers the convenience of a single invoice for all of their employee home office locations, reducing administrative tasks. There’s no need to worry about employee expense reimbursements, and businesses can easily turn on home-based services as their workforce changes. Plus, the business can pay online through their portal.

With Enterprise@Home, businesses can opt for Consolidated Communications to proactively monitor the network and watch for potential security threats at all home office locations. Consolidated’s Cloud Secure option offers a highly secure connection that protects data. In-market NOC staff monitor issues 24/7 so remote organizations can connect as reliably and securely as they would from the office using Consolidated’s SD-WAN and managed services solutions.

Consolidated’s Enterprise@Home provides home-based enterprise-level services and support for businesses with 20 employees or more and is currently available throughout Northern New England. Pricing is based on the number of employees and included services. There are flexible package options to meet the needs of different employee roles and responsibilities, and there is a simple onboarding process with local team members providing installations for end users.