ContactEngine Partners with Vonage

ContactEngine, a proactive conversational AI technology used by large corporations across industries to automate customer communications, has announced a partnership with Vonage, a global cloud communications leader helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation, to navigate the delivery of its multi-channel conversations across the world.

Through this partnership, ContactEngine will augment Vonage’s own AI-powered solutions by providing access to its proactive conversational AI capabilities, which boasts 90 percent automation of customer conversations without the need for human intervention, alleviating call center pressure. ContactEngine achieves this through individually tailored conversations based on business objectives and intelligent call routing and escalation.

Through the Vonage Communications Platform, Vonage Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) will provide ContactEngine with the ability to overcome various regulations and complexities of delivering communications across all digital channels internationally. By leveraging Vonage APIs, ContactEngine conversations can be rapidly deployed across the globe, without the need for costly and disruptive software changes.

The partnership between Vonage and ContactEngine will allow for greater connectivity between brands and their customers, allowing businesses to enhance customer experience wherever they are in the world. The partnership also strengthens Vonage and ContactEngine’s offerings on the international stage, with both businesses sharing their resources to meet customers’ demands, which have changed in an increasingly digital world that has accelerated in the past 12 months due to Covid-19.