Contingent Makes Peak Live Testing Available

WEST CHESTER, Ohio – Contingent Network Services announced the availability of Peak Live Speed Testing, a hosted monitoring application designed to determine actual data throughput in a multi-site wide area network connection in real time from a centralized web portal.

Peak Live Speed Testing is the latest feature in the Contingent “Powerview” hosted network management suite that provides Contingent’s clients with headroom analysis and an accurate measurement of their bandwidth utilization.

In addition to measuring actual speed vs. provisioned speed on all types of connections both private and public, the new speed test is the engine behind a “Headroom Calculator,” which is an interactive tool accessible by the client in their online Customer Care Center portal.

To use the calculator, the user simply inputs the estimated bandwidth needs of their planned application, like voice over IP, and the calculator measures available capacity of their entire footprint on a site-by-site basis, determining which sites would be able to support the addition of the new application based on throughput availability, latency, jitter, and packet loss. As a result, the user then knows instantly which sites need to be upgraded in order to accommodate the new application.

“This tool is providing our clients with yet another way to take advantage of our online monitoring by giving them a thorough analysis of their sites’ capabilities and allowing them to quantify their scalability,” said Drew Allgeier, Senior Director of Business Development at Contingent.

“Our online Powerview toolset is a great example of how Contingent delivers leading edge network diagnostics and analytics. The addition of a throughput analysis tool proves to be mission critical when it comes to providing our clients with the right solutions to fit their growing businesses,” Allgeier added.

Contingent’s Network Management Services suite known as “Powerview”, including Peak Live Speed Test, Traffic Flow Network Analysis and AlertX Proactive Monitoring, provides clients with the flexibility to customize the information they are gathering and the way it is analyzed.

“One of Contingent’s core strengths is innovation, especially in the area of software-driven analytics. Real-time measurement is nice, but even more important is measurement trended over time. This is an essential element of progress and improvement for our clients,” said Craig Phillips, head of Contingent’s software unit.

As their clients grow, Contingent stays one step ahead by constantly evolving the abilities of Powerview, a comprehensive Web-based network diagnostics and performance management system. The addition of Peak Live Speed Testing and the throughput headroom calculator is yet another way Contingent has helped pave the way for their clients’ success.

For more information, contact Justin Peterson at , or .

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