Cox Business Launches Prosight RTLS Service for Hospitals

Cox Business launched Prosight, an extensible, secure technology for providing real-time location services (RTLS) to support hospital operations. Prosight automates tasks such as equipment tracking and on-site navigation to increase operational efficiency, improve staff safety and workflows and enhance patient experiences.

The offering is powered by Cox’s Internet of Things platform, and includes software, hardware and services with integrated features to bolster asset management, automated environmental monitoring, emergency alerts and wayfinding.

“For decades, we’ve connected millions of patients and providers with our network and now we are using technology to connect people and things in new ways that improve the efficiency of healthcare operations, staff safety, and the patient experience,” said Sujata Gosalia, executive vice president and chief strategy officer. “Cox Prosight will create detailed insights that support patient care and hospital optimization.”

Cox is trialing the platform with healthcare partner Ochsner Lafayette General, which is tracking 2,700 pieces of equipment, 2,700 staff and 200 environmental sensors.

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