Nozomi Networks Launches MSSP Elite Program

Nozomi Networks announced its MSSP Elite Program, a “complete” initiative for operational technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT) managed security services providers (MSSPs). The program will equip MSSPs with Nozomi OT and IoT cybersecurity solutions, expertise and selling resources, allowing them to generate additional revenue through new lines of business, give customers improved flexibility and promote maximum value when strengthening OT security posture and balancing resource requirements.

With Nozom’s MSSP Elite Program, partners can operationalize, maintain and optimizing OT and IoT security services, allowing customers to benefit from scalable, “industry-proven” solutions. The initiative also provides access to resources – including specialized training and certifications – to integrate, sell and support Nozomi solutions as part of a full managed services offering. MSSP Elite will include access to deep network visibility, advanced monitoring and actionable threat intelligence services. MSSPs can incorporate Nozomi’s full suite of cloud-based and on premise solutions to manage them on behalf of customers.

“MSSPs are filling a critical role as CISOs look for cost-effective ways to strengthen their security postures across IT and OT while juggling resource limitations and skills gaps,” said Chet Namboodri, Nozomi Networks SVP of Business Development and Alliances. “Nozomi Networks MSSP Elite Program allows us to work with our partners to address a growing requirement to include advanced OT and IoT security solutions and maximize value for our mutual customers.”

Current MSSP Elite partners include Accenture, FireEye Mandiant, Moro Hub and Telefonica, among others. Additional info is available via the Nozomi website.