CSG Enhances Wholesale Management Platform

CSG International Inc. has released its enhanced Wholesale Business Management Solution (WBMS) for supporting complex partner management, optimized traffic trading and routing, and efficient billing and settlement across voice, data, digital content and GSMA roaming platforms.

“Consumer demand for content and data services increases the need for complex, multilayered partnerships to deliver the best connectivity and content,” said Sean Brown, senior vice president of product management at CSG. “As CSPs see their business partners grow and multiply, they require strategic solutions that provide creative ways to share revenue between partners, increase automation, and streamline processes for increased transaction volumes. CSG offers the accuracy, flexibility, and scale to handle myriad partner agreements to drive greater profitably for CSPs.”

CSG Interconnect, CSG’s core partner billing solution, now features an automated credit and dispute management capability that manages risk, maximizes revenue, reduces payment cycles and automates the partner dispute process to improve cash flow and reduce errors. It also integrates with a range of other features, including: CSG Route for fast, flexible rate negotiation in addition to optimized traffic routing and discrepancy resolution; CSG Roam, a stand-alone tool to support customer-specific roaming agreements by providing audit and data integrity; CSG Exchange, a proprietary solution that automates the capture, validation, transfer and acceptance/rejection of contractually required data to improve productivity and reduce disputes; and CSG Assure, a fraud-protection and quality assurance solution.

All CSG WBMS offerings are available onsite or in the cloud.

“CSG has long differentiated itself in enterprise and, more recently, in cloud-based billing solutions, and the newest release of WBMS builds on this experience,” said Justin van der Lande, program head at Analysys Mason. “The automated features of CSG Interconnect and the fraud protection found in the Assure product, coupled with the integrated solution, address the holistic wholesale billing requirements that CSPs are increasingly looking for.”


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