Cuthbert Elevated to CEO at Alteva

David Cuthbert has been tapped to replace Duane Albro as CEO at integrated communications company Alteva.

It has been a convoluted journey for thexecutive: In 2011 Warwick Valley Telephone Co. (WVT Communications Group) bought Alteva, the unified communications company, bringing its CEO, Cuthbert, into the fold as COO before making him president last year. In January, WVT decided to leave much of its regional ILEC heritage behind in favor of a cloud communications identity, consolidating its operations under the Alteva brand. Alteva as a subsidiary however has continued to run as its own business, as the nation’s ninth largest unified communications provider. Now, Cuthbert is being made CEO of the entire consolidated umbrella company.

Albro will continue as a director until the company’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders in May 2013.

“We are extremely pleased with the transition process and the positive impact David has made since joining the company,” said Robert DeValentino, chairman at Alteva. “We are excited about the continued growth and direction of the company and know that David is the best possible choice in leading Alteva into the future. We appreciate Duane’s support and assistance to David during this transition process and wish him continued success.”

Cuthbert is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and a former Naval Special Operations Officer. In this capacity he has led underwater and land bomb disposal teams domestically and abroad. In 2004, Mr. Cuthbert was assigned the leadership responsibility of a nuclear weapon casualty response detachment. He left Navy Special Operations and joined Alteva in 2006 as director of operations.

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