CyFlare Deploys Open XDR Solution from Stellar Cyber

MSSP CyFlare has deployed  Stellar Cyber’s platform, which will serve as the core of its security operations center (SOC) service.

Stellar Cyber offers an Open-XDR (extended detection and response) solution, which can be deployed as software in the cloud, in private data centers, or as a turnkey appliance. The solution is highly scalable, and offers built-in native multi-tenant support.

Stellar Cyber also integrates with existing security solutions and detects complex threat incidents in physical, cloud and endpoints, networks. Because it reveals the whole kill chain through one interface, Stellar Cyber is a complete SOC.

“When evaluating various SIEM / SOC solutions that we could easily package and take to market to the micro-SMB through enterprise, it was of utmost importance that the solution was extremely effective and accurate above all else,” stated Joe Morin, CEO of CyFlare. “CyFlare’s brand as a top 100 Global MSSP, the channel partners we work with and their clients’ security is our top priority. Legacy tools, open-source and most generally-available commercial products are just not effective. Stellar Cyber is what we call a hyper-paranoid tool because of the various security engines that are integrated. Only this level of accuracy and integrity will do for us, our partners and their clients. This strategic alliance enables us to provide a complete SOC-as-a-service solution including the hardware and software that every organization on the planet can afford.”