Elfiq Networks Releases SD-WAN as a Service

Martello subsidiary Elfiq Networks, an SD-WAN provider at the leading edge of business continuity and bandwidth optimization solutions, announced ATLAS, the company’s first subscription-based SD-WAN as a service suite. Leveraging many of the most sought after features in Elfiq’s technology, ATLAS maximizes the experience at the edge with an affordable and modular subscription-based offering, said the company.

ATLAS allows organizations to move away from overbearing connectivity contracts and capitalize on carrier diversity, explained Elfiq, gaining resilience and performance while reducing the cost of bandwidth. By leveraging Elfiq Central’s zero-touch provisioning capabilities, end-users can monitor and maintain their SD-WAN without having to break the bank.

“ATLAS is simpler and more affordable than most other SD-WAN solutions on the market today,” said John Proctor, President and CEO of Martello. “Our customers want SD-WAN solutions that work for them, without extra licenses and capabilities they don’t need. By delivering a modular, subscription-based offering, we can address our customers’ networking issues with one simple solution.”

The new SD-WAN Suite includes three licenses, each adding incremental features to offer a complete set of tools to build, optimize or maintain a robust enterprise WAN infrastructure. These three licenses, QEX, BCX and SDX, focus respectively on providing increased Quality of Experience, uninterrupted business continuity, and advanced VPN performance as well as improved security at the edge.

In order to expand its offering into the SD-WAN market, Elfiq Networks simultaneously launched a new hardware platform – the EDGE Series – and two new features – a new VPN module and a Stateful Firewall.

“The EDGE series complements Elfiq’s ATLAS SD-WAN as a service offering with enhanced mobility, scalability and security,” said Frederick Parent, Co-Founder of Elfiq Networks. “Its mobility-oriented design, with an embedded cellular modem and SFP modules, allows it to bring connectivity to remote bandwidth-scarce locations and urban offices alike. ATLAS also adds unlimited VPN scalability and edge security, providing additional cost savings to our clients.”

In addition to the EDGE series, Elfiq also introduced the CORE series hardware platform for its ATLAS SD-WAN as a Service Suite. Ideal for managed service providers (MSPs), this solution targets the network core with a hardware platform and subscription-based model that are designed for large environments such as headquarters, datacenters and recovery sites. Managed through Elfiq Central, a multi-tenant management portal, the CORE series complements the current EDGE Series, which is designed for mobility and connectivity at the edge of the network. Together, these platforms are the foundation for the ATLAS SD-WAN as a service solution.

“The CORE Series expands the reach of ATLAS SD-WAN into the headquarters and the datacenter,” said Martin Deveault, Vice President of Research and Development for Martello and co-founder of Elfiq Networks. “While the EDGE Series was designed for mobility, and bringing connectivity to the edge of the network, the CORE Series is designed to support large SD-WAN environments, with 10Gbps ports and SFP+ interfaces.”

Elfiq Networks is currently expanding its SD-WAN offering as a part of Martello’s network performance portfolio.

Elfiq EDGE device